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CEO Message


The best fine chemical company
rapidly growing based on customers confidence.

Greetings! I am Mong-Ik Chung, the chief executive officer.

Since our foundation in 1958, KCC has been accomplishing consistent technological development as the best fine chemical company. For at least half a century, KCC has been a pioneer in the development of building industry culture by supplying paint, glass, PVC window profiles and decorative floorings. ”Taking the customers as a source of corporate value, KCC aims to give back in gratitude of your patronage and warm interest. KCC will place all efforts to be a corporation of the people, by the people, for the people, and shall become a company you can rely on with trust and step forward with our customers.” Moving forward, KCC will remain as an environment friendly, future-oriented company and will create high added value through research and development. Based on your trust, KCC will upgrade its competitiveness and extend through the global network. Please continue to support KCC as we realize our vision of 'The best fine chemical company' through transition and renovation based on technology leadership.

Mong-Ik Chung

Chief Executive Officer