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KCC Silicone News

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1 Six KCC products listed on the Korean Standard-Quality Excellence Index(KS-QEI) KCC 2017-09-18 91

KCC had six of its products, including flooring material, sealant(silicone), waterborne paint, solvent borne paint, coating glass, ceiling material listed on top of the “2017 Korean Standard-Quality Excellence Index(KS-QEI)” in its certification awards held on October 14.

Topped with the launch of “SUP Green Cypress” that discharges phytoncide by adding cypress essential oil to flooring material, “KCC SUP” is an industry-leading flooring material which has been listed on top of the index for eight consecutive years.

KCC Paints were also listed top of the index in two categories of “water paint” and “oil paint”, respectively, sweeping over the entire range of paint products. In recent years, KCC has launched a number of new products, including “SUPRO” “UNIPOXY” and “Sporthane”, expanding its product lineup as well as its market presence through active engagement in marketing while even renewing its tin design as well.

Koreseal, Korea’s No.1 eco-friendly sealant that has acquired Korea’s first Stage 2 Carbon Footprint (low carbon certification), boasts superior quality and an excellent distribution network that’s designed to be easily accessible by consumers.

It is ranked No.1 thanks to its high scores across all evaluation items, including product image and awareness. “KCC Coating Glass”, which is also known as “energy saving glass” that saves energy utilities cost due to its high-performance functionality, including insulation and light blockage by having silver(Ag) coated on its surface, was newly ranked No.1.

“Gypsum Tex”, which is designed to be installed on the ceiling of a building, has been newly ranked No.1. This ceiling material, which has successfully acquired a Certificate of Environmental Label issued by the Ministry of Environment, features incombustibility and the excellent finish and processibility of gypsum. KCC is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction through investment in R&D to continuously improve its service and build up its quality competitiveness.

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