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KCC Silicone News

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1 KCC, “Korea's Beloved Company” for 3 Consecutive Years KCC 2017-11-14 59

KCC has won the Minister of the Small and Medium-sized Venture Enterprises Division’s Prize in the Private Enterprises category at the 5th Korea’s Beloved Companies Awards hosted by the Korean government.

At the awards ceremony, KCC was praised for founding KCC Social Contribution Committee and carrying out social contribution activities via it and for making a significant contribution to improving the residential environments of the underprivileged as part of its customized social contribution efforts.

KCC has donated eco-friendly building materials including windows, doors, and flooring materials and supported construction work by participating in the following projects, the “Residential Environment Improvement Project for the Disabled” in March, 2016, and the “Green Living Remodeling Beautiful Donation Project” co-run by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the LH Korea Land Housing Corporation in June, 2016.

In addition, since July 2014, KCC has also been providing support for improving the residential environments of around 2,000 single elderly, disabled, low-income, and socially vulnerable households through the Environmental & Medical Support for the Socially Vulnerable Project, which it runs jointly with the Ministry of Environment.

0 Six KCC products listed on the... KCC 2017-09-18 91