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Terms of use Personal Info
Terms of use
Privacy policy
Privacy policy
KCC (hereinafter referred to as ‘Company’) considers protection of privacy very important, and observes the「ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC.」. In addition, this privacy policy stipulates for what purpose and how the personal information provided by users is used, and what measures are taken to protect privacy.

The Company makes sure that you will always access this privacy policy conveniently by placing it on the first screen of its homepage
1. Purpose of collecting and using personal information
The Company collects the minimum quantity of personal information necessary for user identification and as marketing data for statistics and analysis to provide users with more services and streamline communication. The specific purposes of collecting and using different items of personal information are described below:
* Name (company name)/ID/password/company name/country/: Used for identification in the process of using services
* Address: Used for identification to send samples, catalogs and event premiums
* E-mail address/contact info: Used for sending notices, providing information on new products or events, confirming passwords, and handling customer inquiries/complaints
2. Use for other purposes, providing personal information to and sharing it with a third party
Unless agreed to by users or stipulated in relevant laws and regulations, the Company shall not use your personal information or provide it to other companies or organizations beyond the scope specified in the 「Purpose of collecting and using personal information」 under any circumstance.
If the Company provides or shares your personal information, the Company shall inform you in advance in e-mail or writing who will receive or share the information, what items are provided or shared, and for what purpose the personal information is provided or shared, and seek your consent.
3. Consent to collection of personal information
The Company seeks your consent to the collection of your personal information. If you click the [OK] button with respect to the privacy policy as to collection of your personal information, you shall be deemed to have consented to collection of your personal information.
4.Using cookies to collect personal information
The Company shall make use of ‘cookies’ which saves and retrieves your personal information whenever necessary. A cookie refers to a very small text file that the server used for website operations sends to the user’s browser. It is saved on the hard disk of your computer. The Company shall use the cookie saved on your hard disk to retrieve such information as name so as to provide service without any additional input. You have an option as to the installation of a cookie. Accordingly, you can set the option in the web browser to allow all cookies, to indicate when a cookie is being saved, or to refuse all cookies.
5. How to access and correct your personal information
You can always access or correct your personal information registered with our site. If you want to access or correct your personal information, you can access or correct it directly on the member information modification page, or send an e-mail to the privacy manager who will immediately take necessary actions. If you request that an error about your personal information be corrected, the Company shall not use or provide the personal information in question.
6. How to cancel your membership
You can always cancel your consent to the collection, use and provision of personal information that you gave when you joined as a member. To cancel your membership, please contact the privacy manager via Mypage or E-mail. We shall immediately take necessary actions, e.g. deleting your personal information.
7. Period of retention and use of personal information
When the purpose of collecting or receiving personal information is achieved, the Company shall immediately delete your personal information.
* Membership information: When you cancel your membership or the account is dismissed
* Shipping information collected for surveys and events: When goods or services are delivered or provided
However, even when the purpose of collecting or receiving personal information has been achieved, if your personal information needs to be retained pursuant to the provisions in the Commercial Law, the Company may retain your personal information.
8. Privacy manager
The Company appoints the following privacy manager who is in charge of protecting your personal information and handling your complaints in relation to your privacy. If you have any questions regarding privacy, please contact the privacy manager at the following address. He shall promptly respond to your inquiries in good faith
* Affiliation: General Affairs Department
* Name: Park Hoon (w3master@kccworld.co.kr)
* Phone: 02-3480-5176
* Fax: 02-3480-5424
Membership Agreement
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of this agreement is to stipulate the rights and obligations of homepage members in using the KCC Silicone homepage (hereinafter referred to as "homepage") provided by KCC (hereinafter referred to as “Our Company”) and related procedures.
Article 2 (Effect and change of the agreement)
① This agreement shall have effect on all users wishing to use the homepage including customers who are subscribers of the homepage.
② The contents of this agreement shall take effect when they are notified to members by posting the contents on the homepage screen or by other means, and when members subscribe to the homepage.
③ This agreement can be changed when Our Company deems it necessary, and if this agreement is changed, it shall be immediately notified in the same way described in Section 2 above.
Article 3 (Working rules outside of the agreement)
Matters not specified in this agreement shall conform to other relevant laws and regulations.
Article 4 (Definition of terms)
The terms used in this agreement are defined as follows:
① Member: Individuals and corporations that entered into an agreement with Our Company for the use of the homepage
② Administrator: The person appointed by Our Company to manage and operate the service efficiently
③ ID: Combination of characters and numbers selected by the member and approved by Our Company for identification of members and use of the service
④ Password: Combination of characters and numbers chosen by the member to protect the private information of the member
⑤ Termination: Cancellation of the license agreement by Our Company or member after the start of service
Chapter 2 Conclusion of the Homepage License Agreement
Article 5 (Conclusion of the license agreement)
① If you check the agreement and press the "OK" button, you will be deemed to consent to the agreement.
② The license agreement shall be concluded when the customer’s application for license is approved by Our Company.
Article 6 (Application for license and approval)
① The customer can apply for license by recording the following information in the application form on the Sign-up screen of the homepage.
1. Name 2. ID 3. E-mail 4. Password 5. Company name 6. Country 7. Contact info 8. Address
② Our Company shall approve the license application for the use of the homepage for customers who correctly enter the items specified in Section 1 of this Article
③ Our Company may restrict approval of users’ applications for license in the following cases, and defer approval until the reason is resolved
1. Service provision is impossible for technical reasons
2. False information is entered on applications during user registration; e.g. the name is not real or names of other persons are used
3. User registration items are omitted or mistakenly recorded
4. Applications is submitted for the purpose of obstructing the peace and order of society or destroying public morals
5. The applicant was disqualified as a member Article according to the provisions in Section 2 of Article 17. However, if the applicant was disqualified more than a year ago, and was allowed to rejoin the homepage by Our Company, an exception shall be made.
6. Other requirements for license application specified by Our Company are not satisfied.
① According to the qualification of the member, homepage use may be partially restricted, and as Our Company service changes (transfer, cancellation, etc.), member qualification and scope of homepage use may change as well
Article 7 (Change of member information)
If the information, provided at the time of application has changed, the member shall modify it in accordance with the format and method specified by Our Company.
Chapter 3 Using the homepage
Article 8 (Hours of homepage use)
① In principle, the homepage may be used 24 hours a day throughout the year. However, the homepage can be suspended temporarily for business or technical reasons and during the period specified by Our Company for operational purposes. In these cases Our Company shall notify in advance or after the fact.
② Our Company may divide the homepage into several parts, and specify the time when certain parts may be available, and in this case Our Company shall make a notification.
Article 9 (Change and suspension of the homepage)
① Our Company may change part or all of the contents of the existing homepage at any time to provide improved services without any notice.
② Our Company may suspend part or all of the homepage in any of the following cases:
1. For an inevitable reason such as repair of the facilities for the homepage;
2. The member interferes with the business of Our Company;
3. Power outage, failure of facilities or overload hinders the normal use of the homepage; and
4. Force majeure, such as natural disasters and a state of national emergency.
③ Our Company shall not be liable for any problem caused by the change or suspension of the homepage.
Article 10 (Provision of information and posting of advertisements)
① Our Company may post advertisements in any location in relation to homepage operations, e.g. homepage screens and e-mail.
② The member shall not arbitrarily delete, defame or interrupt the homepage banner advertisements provided by Our Company.
③ Our Company may provide various types of information for members during homepage operation, e.g. posting the information on the homepage..
Article 11 (deletion of contributions or contents)
① If all contents on the homepage that members post or deliver (including contents exchanged between members) are believed to correspond to any of the following, Our Company may delete them without any prior notice, and shall not be liable for it in any way
1. The contents revile, slander or defame Our Company, other members or third parties;
2. The contents obstruct public order and morals;
3. The contents are believed to be associated with criminal behavior;
4. The contents infringe on the copyright or other rights of Our Company and third parties;
5. The contents are not related to the homepage of Our Company in any shape or form; and
6. The contents violate relevant laws and regulations
② Our Company may specify separate guidelines for the use of contributions, and members shall register or delete various contents they contribute (including contents exchanged between members) in accordance with these guidelines.
Article 12 (Copyright to the contents)
The rights to all contents contributed to the homepage (including contents exchanged between members) are as follows:
① The contributor shall have the right and responsibility as for the contents he/she contributes, and Our Company shall not use them for profit-making purposes other than simply posting them within the service without the consent of the contributor. However, an exception shall be made for non-for-profit purposes, and Our Company shall retain the right to contribute the contents to other companies.
② The member shall not use the materials posted in the service, e.g. processing and selling the information obtained from the homepage, or allow third parties to use them, and violations of the copyright to the contributions shall be governed by relevant laws and regulations.
Chapter 4 Obligation of the parties to the agreement
Article 13 (Our Company’s obligations)
① Our Company shall not disclose or distribute any personal information of members acquired in relation to providing the homepage service to a third party without the consent of the person in question. However, an exception shall be made for legal procedures pursuant to legal provisions.
② Within the scope specified in Section 1, Our Company may create statistical data about part or all of the personal information of the member in connection with business and use it without prior consent, and send a cookie to the member’s computer for this purpose.
In this case the member may refuse to receive the cookie, or change the setting of the browser so that a warning is issued when a cookie is received, and the member shall be liable for the change in service use due to the changed setting of the cookie
③ If the member files a complaint in connection with the homepage, Our Company shall promptly handle it, and if it is difficult to handle it promptly, we shall inform the member via the homepage screen or e-mail of the reason and schedule for the handling of the complaint.
Article 14 (members’ obligations)
① The member shall not engage in any of the following acts in the process of using the homepage:
1. Provide false information when applying for license, stealthily or illegally using the ID and password of another member;위
2. Copy, distribute or commercially use the information obtained through Our Company’s homepage without the prior consent of Our Company;
3. Defame others or causing disadvantages to others;
4. Contribute licentious materials to the bulletin board, or link licentious sites;
5. Infringe on the copyright and other rights of Our Company and third parties;
6. Distribute information, sentences, figures and voice injurious the public order and morals to others;
7. Register or distribute computer viruses likely to cause the malfunction of the facilities related to the homepage, destruction of information and confusion; and
8. Intentionally interfere with homepage operations, or transmit information likely to interfere with stable homepage operations and commercial information against the will of the recipients.
② The member shall comply with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations and this agreement, guidelines and cautions posted within the service, announcements made by Our Company, and not interfere with the business of Our Company in any way.
③ Except for cases officially recognized by Our Company, the member shall not use the homepage to sell products, or engage in such acts as hacking, making money through advertisements, commercial activities through licentious sites, or distribution of commercial software. Our Company shall not be liable for the result of losses arising from these business activities and legal actions by agencies concerned such as arrests, whereas the member shall be liable for indemnifying Our Company in connection with these acts.
Article 15 (Duties and liabilities as to member ID and password)
① The member shall be solely liable for the result arising from negligent management of member ID and password, and illegal use thereof, whereas Our Company shall be liable for any problem caused for reasons attributable to Our Company such as system failure
② The member shall not allow a third party to use his/her own ID and password, and if the member is aware that his/her ID and password have been stolen or are used by a third party, he/she shall immediately notify Our Company, and follow the instructions of Our Company if any.
③ The member shall not change the ID without the prior consent of Our Company. Article 16 (Notification to members)
④ If Our Company notifies the member, we may do so by the e-mail address registered by the member or SMS
⑤ If Our Company sends a notice to an unspecified number of members, we may do so by posting the information on the homepage bulletin board instead of sending the notice to individual members.
Chapter 5 Cancellation of the agreement and restriction of use
Article 17 (Cancellation of the agreement and restriction of use)
① If the member wishes to cancel the homepage license agreement, he/she shall apply for cancellation on the homepage or in a way specified by Our Company.
② In case the member fails to fulfill the obligations specified in the provision in Article 14, Our Company may cancel the license agreement or suspend service use without any prior notice.
③ Even after the member enters into a license agreement and receives an ID and password, Our Company may limit homepage use depending on member qualifications.
④ In regards to actions taken by Our Company pursuant to the provisions in Sections 2 and 3 of this Article, the member may file a formal objection according to the procedure specified by Our Company.
⑤ In case Our Company deems the objection pursuant to the provisions in Section 4 of this Article to be valid, we shall immediately allow the member to resume homepage use.
Article 18 (Prohibition of transfer)
The member shall not transfer or donate the right to use the homepage, and other contractual status to others, and all rights including the copyright to contributions and liabilities shall belong to the member who contributed the contents.
Chapter 6 Indemnity, etc.
Article 19 (Indemnity)
① This homepage is provided for the convenience of members. Our Company shall not be liable for any damages caused in relation to the use of this homepage service
② In case the member’s violation of this agreement causes damages to Our Company, the member in violation of this agreement shall indemnify Our Company for all the damage..
③ In case Our Company receives a claim for damages, lawsuit or objections from a third party other than the member owing to the member’s illegal acts or violation of this agreement in the process of using this homepage, the member shall exempt Our Company from liabilities on the former’s responsibilities and expenses, and in case Our Company fails to be exempted from obligation, the member shall indemnify Our Company for all damages incurred accordingly
Article 20 (Limitation of liability)
① In case the homepage is not available due to natural disasters or force majeure, Our Company shall be exempted from the obligation to provide homepage service.
② Our Company shall not be liable for any trouble in the use of this homepage for reasons attributable to the member.
③ Our Company shall not be liable for the member’s loss of expected profits based on the use of this homepage, or for any damages caused by the information the member obtained through the homepage.
Our Company shall not be liable for the reliability and accuracy of the information, materials and facts the member contributed to the homepage.
④ Our Company shall not be obligated to intervene in a dispute between members or between a member and a third party with the homepage serving as a medium, or liable for any damages incurred accordingly
Article 21 (Application of the law)
① All legal issues caused by the member’s use of this homepage shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea
② If a dispute arises between Our Company and the member in connection with the use of this homepage, neither party shall bring a lawsuit against the other party unless both parties have consulted with each other sufficiently in good faith.
③ If the dispute cannot be resolved after the consultation mentioned in Section 1 of this Article, both parties may file a lawsuit with the competent court in accordance with the Civil Proceedings Act.
Supplemental provisions
(Effective date) This agreement shall be effective as of December 28, 2007.